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Lindholm learned an important lesson from SM rally Riihimäki

27.05.2019 / GRX Team

Team GRX’s Emil Lindholm and Mikael Korhonen had to retire SM Riihimäki rally on the second special stage because the control arm broke. 

Summer season’s opener did not go as expected. On the first special stage heavy rain caused the windshield to fog up and took the visibility away. On the first special stage Lindholm was behind the SM1-group’s fastest time by 15 seconds. Lindholm’s, driving Volkswagen Polo GTI R5, rally ended indefinitely on the second special stage. 

”Rally is a brutal business where you apparently learn your most important lessons from mistakes. On the first special stage a rain shower fogged our windshield completely. Heater’s water pump was turned off and on the first special stage I had to drive with my door open so I could see the road from the ditch”, Lindholm said. 

”On the second special stage there was an error on my driving line. I drove over a small hill and our car flew to the left side of the road and hit a bank. That caused our control arm to snap and our rally was over”. 

Lindholm says that the summer openers first two special stages were a good learning experience for him. 

”You have to learn from your mistakes and the lesson is now well received. We are concentrating on the next competition”, Lindholm says. 

Finnish Rally Championship series continues 14-15th of June in Pohjanmaa-rally driven in the areas surrounding Seinäjoki.

Picture: Marko Mäkinen

Score top 5

1. Teemu Asunmaa / Jani Salo 102 points Alavuden UA (R5)
2. Juha Salo / Topi Luhtinen 99 points Karkkilan UA (R5)
3. Emil Lindholm / Mikael Korhonen 67 points NHD (R5)
4. Kristian Kiviniemi / Enni Mälkönen 51 points ParkUA (R5)
5. Jari Ketomaa / Marko Sallinen 39 points MikUA ()

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Calendar 2019

Rally Location Date
1. Arctic Lapland Rally Rovaniemi 24.-26.1.
2. SM O.K. Auto-ralli Kouvola 15.-16.2.
3. SM-Itäralli Joensuu 2.3.
4. SM Riihimäki Ralli
Riihimäki 24.-25.5.
5. Pohjanmaa Ralli
Seinäjoki 14.-15.6.
6. SM Oili Jalonen Ralli
Laitila  30.-31.8.
7. SM Ralli Salo-Turku
Turku-Salo 27.-28.9.

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