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Prize winner tries new car - Successful Neste Oil Rally Finland test for young star Suninen

Teemu Suninen is ready for Neste Oil Rally Finland following a successful test in the Citroën DS3 R3T he will use as his prize for winning a prestigious competition. Suninen, 20, is making his debut on his country´s round of the FIA World Rally Championship from July 31-August 1 after he saw off three other rivals in an assessment organised by AKK Sports, the promoter of the Finnish championship and Neste Oil Rally Finland.

Jukka Ketomäki wins his home rally in Pohjanmaa

Jukka Ketomäki from Ylistaro has won overall and SM1 in SM Pohjanmaa Finnish Championship Rally. In the end, Ketomäki took the victory with his co-driver Kai Risberg by 19,2 seconds over Karl Kruuda from Estonia. Third place went to another southern neighbour, Kaspar Koitla, who added to a successful day for Estonia. Koitla was 30,7 seconds behind Ketomäki, the winner.

Jarkko Nikara wins overall and SM1 in Itäralli in Joensuu

Jarkko Nikara from Saarijärvi took both the overall and SM1 win in the third round of the FRC series in Joensuu. Karl Kruuda from Estonia was second overall and in SM1. The eventual difference between Nikara and Kruuda was 11,6 seconds. Juha Salo, who had been unlucky in the opening rounds of the season, was third overall and won in SM2. Salo was 35,0 seconds behind Nikara.

Juha Salo wins overall and SM(FRC)2 in Vaakuna Ralli in Mikkeli

Juha Salo has won the second round of the Finnish Rally Championship in Mikkeli. Joni Nikko was second both overall and in SM(FRC)2. The difference between Salo and Nikko was 15,2 seconds. Third overall was Ari Vihavainen, who was 45 seconds behind the winner. The win was especially important to Salo, who had retired in Arctic Lapland Rally. - Of course the feeling is good after the rally now that we have won. The stages were pretty worn out towards the end so I had to try and keep the car in the ruts.

Joni Nikko in the lead, favourite Nikara out

The second round of the Finnish Rally Championship started today in Mikkeli with one stage that was 14,99 kms long. There was a bit of drama even on that one stage: Jarkko Nikara went off and had to retire. - We lost our extra lights on the stage and only one headlight was working. One junction took us by surprise in the dark and we just overshot it. We also bent a wheel there, told Nikara. Tomorrow he will have the chance to continue under the Rally 2 regulations, but he was not yet able to tell if they can fix the car.