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FRC Events 2014

All events in the series are open to foreign license holders (NEAFP).

23.-25.1. Arctic Lapland Rally, Rovaniemi

Number one winter rally in the world! Arctic adventure you cannot experience anywhere else!

21.-22.2. SM Vaakuna Ralli, Mikkeli

If you compare the roads of Southern Savonia with a corkscrew you will find that the corkscrew is almost a straight line!

8.3. SM Itäralli, Joensuu

Eastern Finland roller coaster? Not quite, because you don´t get so much airborne in a roller coaster. You cannot even imagine what you´ll get

14.6. SM Pohjanmaa-ralli, Lapua

Tradition of serious racing for 200 years. If you didn´t know, you´ll learn that at the end of every sraight there always is a curve.

29.-30.8. SM-ralli, Turku

A long long time ago this area was covered by ice (Ice Age). Ice has melted but its memory lives in the roads of this area.

26.-27.9. Pirelli Ralli, Tampere

The roads of this rally are the finest stages in the world. Old 1000 Lakes Rally roads! A two-day event with some 150 km of special stages! Here you can test you skills and your courage. Be careful, because these roads are highly addictive.