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Finnish Rally Championship 2015

The Finnish Rally Championship (FRC) has a very good reputation internationally. There are six events in the FRC in 2015, three winter rallies on snow and three gravel events during the summer. Some changes have been implemented in the FRC for the year 2015.

These changes concern the vehicles and the fuel used. The changes will make it easier for foreign teams and competitors to participate.

Vehicle classes and fuels (information only, no regulatory value):

SM(FRC)1 or Super4:FIA R5, FIA S2000, FIN R4WD

(National 4WD group. Includes expired homologations for group A, N, R4, S2000 and WRC-02 cars. N and R4 engines can be tuned approximately according to group A rules.) FIA Appendix J racing fuel is allowed for international FIA cars and 98E and 85E (bioethanol) pump fuels are allowed in all cars. In FRC1 class can group N, R4 and A cars use a maximum of 34 mm restrictor when 85E is used or a maximum of 35 mm restrictor if 98E pump fuel is used.

SM(FRC)2 or Production4: FIA N and FIA R4

FIA N and FIA R4 cars with a 33 mm (=homologated) restrictor. FIA Appendix J racing fuel, 98E and 85E pump fuels can be used. FIN N4WD (National production engined 4WD group. Includes also expired homologations for five years after expiration. Maximum of 34 mm restrictor is allowed if only 98E pump fuel is used and a homologated 33 mm restrictor if 85E is used. (So a "fully international" FIA N or R4 vehicle can be used as a FIN N4WD car if one wants to use 98E and 34 mm restrictor.) Some alternative non-homologated parts are allowed (fiber bumbers, brakes, etc.) to reduce cost or to replace discontinued parts in older cars. Especially for needs of winter rallies, it is allowed to install a free flow air intake (like in R4) as well as to reposition the oil cooler to a safer place).

SM(FRC)3 or R2: FIA R1 and FIA R2 cars.

Only 98E pump fuel is allowed.

SM(FRC)4 or Super2: FIA group N

(maximum 2000 ccm), FIA R3 and FIN R2WD (National 2WD group, maximum 2000 ccm, expired homologations can be used, group A (including "Kit cars"), replacement parts may be used instead of identical original parts, some national "group A" rules for expired group N base cars). Only 98E pump fuel is allowed.

For technical questions, please contact: janne.levanen@autourheilu.fi

Regulations for Finnish Rally Championship 2015 can be found here.