Flying Finn Future Star

Sami Pajari has been nominated as the first Flying Finn Future Star of Finnish rallying in 2019. Pajari's prize is to get a full package to Finnish WRC round Neste Rally Finland 1-4 August. Congratulations!



Road to WRC: supporting entry-level drivers to the top of the motor sport ladder

Building on the work from recent years, the FIA has consolidated its efforts to offer a clear route to WRC and give talented young champions the chance to move...

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Top names

  • 1
    102 points

    Alavuden UA / Skoda Fabia R5
    (Jani Salo)

    Teemu Asunmaa

    Born     14.5.1987
    Hometown      Alavus
    Profession Entrepreneur
    1. rally car BMW 325i
    1. rally Kauhava F-Cup 2007
    Highlights SM1 Finnish Champion 2017
    SM2 Finnish Champion 2016/2015
    Some Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • 2
    99 points

    Karkkilan UA / Skoda Fabia R5
    (Topi Luhtinen)

    Juha Salo

    Born 1976
    District     Nummi-Pusula
    Occupation      Different car related jobs
    Hobbies Skiing, cycling, fishing
    1. rally car Toyota Starlet
    1. rally Black Rocket Ralli 1994
    Highlights 8-time Finnish Champion
    Chinese Rally Champion
    Home page
    Social media     Facebook
  • 3
    67 points

    NHD / VW Polo GTI
    (Mikael Korhonen)

    Emil Lindholm

    Born: 19.7.1996
    Home city: Helsinki
    Career: SM1 Silver 2018, SM3 Silver 2017, The Future Star 2017
    Rally car: Volkswagen Polo GTI R5
    Idol in rallying: Sebastien Loeb
    Idol in racing: Ayrton Senna
    Home page

  • 4
    51 points

    ParkUA / Skoda Fabia R5
    (Enni Mälkönen)

    Kristian Kiviniemi

    Born: 13.8.1992
    Home city: Parkano
    1st Rally:  Heinolan F-cup 2010
    Highlights: 2014 SM2 4th, 2011 Neste Rally Finland class victory, 2011 F-cup B- Juniors Champion


  • 5
    39 points

    MikUA / Ford Fiesta R5
    (Marko Sallinen)

    Jari Ketomaa

    1st rally car  
    1st rally  
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Score top 5

1. Teemu Asunmaa / Jani Salo 102 points Alavuden UA (R5)
2. Juha Salo / Topi Luhtinen 99 points Karkkilan UA (R5)
3. Emil Lindholm / Mikael Korhonen 67 points NHD (R5)
4. Kristian Kiviniemi / Enni Mälkönen 51 points ParkUA (R5)
5. Jari Ketomaa / Marko Sallinen 39 points MikUA ()

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Calendar 2019

Rally Location Date
1. Arctic Lapland Rally Rovaniemi 24.-26.1.
2. SM O.K. Auto-ralli Kouvola 15.-16.2.
3. SM-Itäralli Joensuu 2.3.
4. SM Riihimäki Ralli
Riihimäki 24.-25.5.
5. Pohjanmaa Ralli
Seinäjoki 14.-15.6.
6. SM Oili Jalonen Ralli
Laitila  30.-31.8.
7. SM Ralli Salo-Turku
Turku-Salo 27.-28.9.

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