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Road to WRC: supporting entry-level drivers to the top of the motor sport ladder

24.06.2019 / FIA

Building on the work from recent years, the FIA has consolidated its efforts to offer a clear route to WRC and give talented young champions the chance to move up to the next level.

It has been agreed that the Junior WRC programme will continue in its current format for the next two seasons. This decision shows the strong commitment of all the parties involved in the project to leverage the existing ‘arrive and drive’ concept initiated in 2011, which encourages equal competition through equal cars and support.
Furthermore, M-Sport, in conjunction with Pirelli, has developed a national ‘feeder’ programme across several European countries, including Estonia, Finland, Italy and the United Kingdom. The winners of these one-make championships will receive a scholarship of €60k that will allow them to step up onto the world stage the following season within the Junior WRC programme.
In addition to the prize of a brand new Ford Fiesta R5 to own, the winner of the Junior WRC series will be awarded a full support package to compete in WRC 2, comprising a set of 200 Pirelli tyres, free registration to the category and five entries from event organisers.
Contingent upon then winning the WRC 2 Championship, the Junior WRC title-winner would have the opportunity to compete in two WRC outings in an M-Sport run car,completing the ‘Road to WRC’, something that has never been achieved in the sport before.

Photo: Aaro Nygård/AKK

Score top 5

1. Teemu Asunmaa / Jani Salo 102 points Alavuden UA (R5)
2. Juha Salo / Topi Luhtinen 99 points Karkkilan UA (R5)
3. Emil Lindholm / Mikael Korhonen 67 points NHD (R5)
4. Kristian Kiviniemi / Enni Mälkönen 51 points ParkUA (R5)
5. Jari Ketomaa / Marko Sallinen 39 points MikUA ()

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Calendar 2019

Rally Location Date
1. Arctic Lapland Rally Rovaniemi 24.-26.1.
2. SM O.K. Auto-ralli Kouvola 15.-16.2.
3. SM-Itäralli Joensuu 2.3.
4. SM Riihimäki Ralli
Riihimäki 24.-25.5.
5. Pohjanmaa Ralli
Seinäjoki 14.-15.6.
6. SM Oili Jalonen Ralli
Laitila  30.-31.8.
7. SM Ralli Salo-Turku
Turku-Salo 27.-28.9.

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