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Emil Lindholm with Team GRX’s Volkswagen to rally season 2019

10.12.2018 / Marko Mäkinen

Finnish Rally Championship runner up Emil Lindholm, 22, is competing with Marcus Grönholm’s Team GRX Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 with co-driver Mikael Korhonen, 33.
Emil Lindholm and Mikael Korhonen are first ones introducing Volkswagen’s new Polo GTI R5 rally car in the upcoming season in Finland. In 2019, Lindholm will be the permanent driver in Marcus Grönholm’s Team GRX’s equipment. Team manager Grönholm sees lot of potential in Lindholm and the new Volkswagen R5- rally car.
”Emil’s results produced this contract. I believe in his possibilities to compete with Volkswagen for good results and wins. There’s a lot of potential in the driver and the car”.
”Emil drove good results in season 2018 and clocked the fastest times practically in every competition. And what is the most important, his speed was growing evenly towards the end of the season and the typical young driver mistakes decreased. Also, Emil drove very well in Italy’s tarmac rally”.
”I know Emil’s speed and confidence are improving on the starting season. His development curve is pointing strongly upwards”, Grönholm says.
Finnish Rally Championship and two World Championship Rallies
GRX-team’s permanent driving spot and new Volkswagen is a dream combination to Lindholm.
”Another major step forward on my career with a top car and management behind me. I want to thank Marcus and Team GRX for this opportunity. It’s exciting to drive in their colors”.
New Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 arrived to Finland in early December. Before Christmas there’s going to be first tests of the new car. The service will be provided by Printsport.
“I got to drive the new Volkswagen last summer in Central Finland. Good car that immediately fit like a glove to me. The car acts stable and I gained some more confidence in my driving. Volkswagen is hard to compare to Skoda. Both cars are good but little details and factors put together has resolved which car is for me”.
Lindholm says that before January Finnish Championship competition opening Arctic Lapland Rally they’re going to test for 2-3 days. 
Lindholm is also going to be driving Sweden’s and Finland’s WRC events.
”It’s a shame that the season’s second FRC event is at the same weekend as Rally Sweden. From last season we have silver medals under our belts. You always have to be better and winning the FRC is our main goal”.
”My driving schedule for the season 2019 is good. The main fact is that touring the World Championship rallies is too expensive at the moment. We are working on it that in the end of the season we would be able to drive a competition abroad out of the programme”, Lindholm states.
Emil´s rally calender 2019:
14.-17.2. Rally Sweden
1.-4.8. Rally Finland
Finnish Rally Championship 2019:
24.-26.1. Arctic Lapland Rally, Rovaniemi
1.-2.3. SM Itäralli, Joensuu
24.-25.5. SM Riihimäki-ralli
14.-15.6. SM Pohjanmaa Ralli, Seinäjoki
30.-31.8. SM Oili Jalonen ralli, Laitila
27.-28.9. SM-ralli Salo-Turku
Technical Data: Volkswagen Polo GTI R5
Design: Straight-four engine with turbocharger and intercooling, 
transversally mounted in front of the front axle
Capacity: 1,600 ccm
Performance: 200 kW (272 hp) at 5,500 rpm
Torque: 400 Nm at 4,000 rpm
Bore/stroke: 82.5 mm/75.5 mm
Restrictor plate: 32 mm
Engine management: Bosch
Gearbox: Sequential, five-speed racing gearbox, transversally mounted
Axle drive: Permanent four-wheel drive with equal torque split between 
the front and rear axles, multi-plate limited-slip differentials, front 
and rear
Clutch: Hydraulically actuated double-disk sintered metal clutch
Chassis: McPherson struts, dampers from ZF, suspension travel approx. 
180 mm on asphalt, approx. 275 mm on gravel
Steering: Servo-assisted rack and pinion steering
Braking system: Internally-ventilated disc brakes (front Ø 350 mm on 
asphalt; Ø 300 mm front and rear on gravel), aluminium brake callipers 
(four callipers, front and rear)
Rims: 8 x 18 inch for asphalt; 7 x 15 inch for gravel
Tyres: Asphalt: 20/65-18 (235/40-R18); gravel: 17/65-15 (215/60-R15)
Chassis/Bodywork: FIA-approved, reinforced steel body from production 
Length/width/height: 4,067/1,942/1,372 mm
Track/wheelbase: 1,837 mm/2,540 mm
Minimum weight: 1,230 kg (without driver/co-driver)
Acceleration: 0–100 km/h in approx. 4.1 seconds
Top speed: Up to approx. 200 km/h
Photo: Juuso Jalovaara

Score top 5

1. Teemu Asunmaa / Ville Mannisenmäki 122 points Alavuden UA (Rally2)
2. Jari Huttunen / Antti Haapala 120 points KiuUA (R5)
3. Lauri Joona / Tuukka Shemeikka 119 points SAU (Rally2)
4. Juha Salo / Kristian Temonen 119 points Karkkilan UA (Rally2)
5. Roope Korhonen / Anssi Viinikka 51 points LMM (R5)

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Calendar 2023

1) 12.-14.1. Arctic Lapland Rally, Rovaniemi
2) 3.-4.2. IsoValkeinen SM-Ralli Kuopio
3) 3.-4.3. SM Jyväskylän Talviralli, Jyväskylä
4) 19.-20.5. SM Pohjanmaa Ralli, Seinäjoki
5) 16.-17.6. SM Itäralli, Joensuu
6) 11.-12.8. Future SM-ralli, Lahti
7) 29.-30.9. SM Kokkola Ralli, Kokkola

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